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    Salah Maflahi

    I believe that with this generation being so heavily active with social media. Our reality is slowly being reconstructed and there will be a time where everyone just might adapt to being antisocial. Because to them it makes sense to interact with their friends and family from long distance. They even meet new people while at and also have the ability to share everything their doing with the world. One thing about this social media that gets to the user’s head is the ratings. They try so hard to get the most out of their fellow peers and followers on social media as far as ratings go. Personally my reality has been constructed around education since I’m the first generation in my family to finish high school and also the first family member to attend college. So for me too finally graduate and get an actually career. I’d get the satisfaction that I’ve actually set the bar for the next generation of my family. I want them to look at me and want to surpass my succession. This basically builds my  every day drive to keep up with school even though it may get very stressful sometimes and I’d feel like dropping out.  I also believe that we live in a society where knowledge will help you climb up the ladder of the food chain. So for you to really reach your goal you’d have to know people and for those people that you need to know. They’d actually help you out based on what you’ve accomplished academically because that’s how you’ll be judged since they really don’t know much about you.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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