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    Samuel Mariano

    I believe they way reality is co-constructed isn’t far off from the episode of Black Mirror Season 3 Episode 1: Nosedive. We live in a society where everyone is fishing for “likes” and acceptance, everyone wants to be noticed. Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and especially Instagram have become the main way for people to hunt for attention. While I don’t believe wanting to be “noticed” is so bad, I think the way in which people want to be noticed now is the worst. People want to be noticed for what others like, not who they are, and it’s so fake. We post artificial pictures on Instagram that flatter the masses, and not ourselves. People will have an anonymous username on a website like Reddit, and they will still seek attention when no one even knows who they are. I’ve seen first hand the way that social media has made not so glamorous lives, seem so great. I’ve seen this affect people who will attack their selves over not having it “as good” as someone else because of the things they post on social media. This mainly affects younger children growing up in middle school or high school at that age where they’re confused, depressed, attention seeking, and insecure. I think reality is drifting towards “better lives” being whoever can fabricate a better life, and we need to change before we are all depressed and living in a fake reality.

    Ps. I do have social media but rarely post 🙂

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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