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    Michael Bentkowski

    To do: how is your reality co-/constructed? provide at least one specific example, ~300 words, Commons blog

    Our reality is constructed by our parents. They raise us with the same values that they believe in; luckily since we don’t know any better, we take their consideration to heart. With that said my girlfriend and father are examples of how this is true. My girlfriend like her parents simply wants to go to college to find a good job. While my father, on the other hand, went to college and wanted to start his own business because that how he was raised.

    In Nosedive, the notion of success is determined by how high your rating is; on a 5-star scale. The closer you are to five the greater respect you will have, and more privileges will open up. The show Black Mirror creates different realities in every episode, and I believe that it is a powerful tool if used to show a system’s flaws or benefits.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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