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    Cindy Reka

    Our realities may be co-/constructed because we heavily rely on the approval and views of others in order to construct our own. Although this doesn’t go for all people, there is no denying that we are born and bred to live in a world that other people take part in, and sometimes that means compromising your values and virtues in order to feel more accepted. We see examples of this in endless ways through out our lives. Whether it is the straight edge kid who grew up to be a junkie, the “good-girl” who started hanging with the “bad kids”, we are constantly analyzing the taboos that swirl around us. There is no reason, however, to get caught up in the misery of this all. What one needs to do is find a way to surpass the mundane and dismal reality of having to live up to expectations. One way or another, one must come to realize that just because someone seem to have an unwavering conviction about how they believe you should live your life or be, doesn’t mean that conviction is even remotely accurate or beneficial. The only way to achieve happiness or satisfaction with your life is to exercise your inner voice and begin to listen to it, with sincerity and eagerness to become better, and do better. One must quite literally black out all other opinions, and do the things that serve their soul, and that is all. We see in the Black Mirror episode that people are able to rate every interaction and altercation they have with others on a scale of 1-5 stars. In a way, this is a metaphor for everyday life as we are unconsciously processing how much we like a person and spending time with them based on every interaction we have with them. We would not necessarily choose to hang out with someone who we rate our interactions with as “1 star”.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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