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    Michael Bentkowski

    Make connections between/among the texts, ~300 words, Commons blog (tagĀ #Week6)

    Black Mirrors USS episode was quite the interesting one. It displayed how an alternative reality engages with actual reality, or rather it showed the disconnect an alternative reality could have on ours because, in the end, the CTO died because his alternative reality became his reality. In the video mobilizing a moving mind, Aja is emphasizing how our lives are being told through technology. In a way, I guess she is suggesting we should be more “in the moment” and enjoy our experiences. The local twitter article is quite hysterical in that it shows the power of social media. Simple things like everyday life are made significant by the group local twitter. Between all three, I see that there is a common theme about technology affects our reality. Whether it be instant gratification taking a share of our attention away or Amazon delivering items we purchase online in an hour; our reward system in the brain has raised its tolerance to get used to this rush of dopamine we receive when we get that like on Facebook or that item we ordered.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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