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    Wei Tao Liu

    Today, the world is growing rapidly. Social media like Twitter has been used by lots of young teens and even kids. We all have access to everything on the internet and sometimes, it is hard to control ourselves on a virtual world that we don’t face to face see each other. People can even act in a totally different way than their usual way in the real world, and it can be thought of as their true selves revealed through the internet.

    The two videos, Black Mirror and the poem of Aja Monet, one talks about a men named Robert, who didn’t achieve success with his coworkers, got addicted into virtual world, and in the end, he got “locked up” in the virtual world and can never go back to the real world. The poem, talk about the story of technology’s impact on us in our real world. Both videos are about impacts that technology had brought to us.

    Same for the two readings, one by Jacqueline Jones Royster, about how minority people are hushed by the majority of people. In other words, the author tries to talk about how the larger group of people can suppress the small group of people, which means that the larger group can sometimes bother small group in this case. For example, in the second reading about Twitter, it had mentioned the time in the past when we used technology and how this changed over time. Old teens in a decade ago uses Facebook, and didn’t live their entire life online, but today, new teens using Twitter tend to be living closer to online instead of real world. Then, when they use Twitter, they follow each other and form groups, these teens don’t know what they actually do, they tried to post and tweets for likes and shares, this way, make them feel comfortable, but sometime may cause troubles to others.

    I think the video and the readings are connected because they all related to the virtual world and how people tend to become addicted and get closer the virtual world instead of facing to the real world, as result of addiction, it could be hard for them to come back to the real world since they are addicted to the virtual world.

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