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    Karina Lopez

    This week’s assignment was to read two articles and one episode of Black Mirror. One of the articles is about how influential Twitter is in the young generation at present day. It speaks about how teens use this social media platform to interact with each other. It is a younger crowd whereas other platforms like Facebook are more formal and for “older people”. Teens also tend to share their opinions more openly without worrying about their parents, teachers or relatives seeing and commenting on it. The article also spoke about how there are many “local twitter teens” who have huge followings and openly share their opinions and stories. And how some of these teen’s tweets became viral in a matter of minutes or days. The culture of twitter is different from Facebook and Instagram. As in previous articles, we’ve read about social media and technology; the openness of these platforms creates more reliability in the tweets and stories posted. These platforms are much more open for having discussions or debate. It also becomes addictive to the point where virtual reality and reality mesh together and the line seems to blur. This is where I feel the episode of Black Mirror comes in. The virtual reality that Robert Daley lives in, becomes his lifestyle to the point where he can’t go back to reality. Reality sometimes is hard to prove depending on who talks about it or shares their story. The second article supports this notion and talks about how sharing stories and comparing them against each other creates more credibility. Royster also talks about how our voice is sometimes not even heard when we try to converse with other people and how difficult it is for certain races or colors to be heard. How everyone must learn to listen and respond accordingly to other people’s stories. I think in this day of age, proper listening and understanding of other’s points of view is lacking. With social media being so open and free, it seems like everyone jumps to give their opinions and tell their stories, but no one really takes a moment to understand others’ points of view or understand how reality is really coming apart.

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