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    Taylor Norris

    Our assignment this week was two read two texts. One was about how twitter is used greatly through the younger crowd. Not only used but how kids interact with one another. Kids get on twitter to speak their mind and say whats hard to say in person. It also talks about how easy and/hard it can be to get a lot of people to read these tweets and make them go viral. Where as the other text talks about how hard it is for some races voice to be heard. It also talks about how some people do not know the whole story about others. If you go over to someones house they do not know what the living environment is like there. It can be very hard for some people and to say hurtful things like “where is their home training.” Saying things like that can hurt especially if you do not know the whole story. For example the dads job is to teach toughness and knowledge, but what if the dad is not there? Then the child did not learn those things and making fun of that could hurt him in a way that some may just not understand. These texts I believe have somewhat of the same underlying idea. Speaking what you want sometimes can be the wrong thing to say. On the twitterverse if you say something from the heart people may take it the wrong way and would reply in a harsh manner. Just likesaying a hurtful thing to a child who may have a really tough home life can and probably is the wrong thing to say. Saying whatever one wants all the time can backfire in ways unimaginable. We all have to think before we speak and really understand our audience and who we are speaking with.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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