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    Cindy Reka

    This week we were assigned the task of playing some Porpentine games, such as : Neon Haze, Frolic RPG, One-Move Boss, All Your Time-Tossed Selves, and Sim Crystal Mud City! and Tyler Vile’s Hasidic Witch Murderer. Also, we were asked to read Stephon Lawrence’s poems in glittermob. To be completely honest, these games made me incredibly frustrated and sort of creeped out. I simply didn’t understand anything I was supposed to be doing. It almost felt as though the games were mocking me for not knowing how to play them. Nonetheless, I did try to do the tasks, but I just ultimately felt as though the games were meant for someone who understood the purpose of them more? It almost feels as though there is a whole underground society that completely understands the meaning and/or functionality of these games and that I’m completely out of the loop when it comes to this sector of the Internet (if that makes sense). I’m not quite sure who Porpentine’s intended audience is, but I do think it is a group of people who actually have some sort of idea of what all these games are about. Just when it seemed I couldn’t get anymore confused, I began reading Stephon Lawrence’s poems in glittermob. Now, I may be missing something completely but, I absolutely understood 0 of what was being said. Could that have been the author’s purpose?

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