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    Zi Chuang Wang

    I honestly don’t really know who the intended audience is for these games. They all made me pretty uncomfortable. Neon Haze in particular made me extremely uncomfortable. I wasn’t really sure what was entirely going on and it just seemed like a drug fueled attempt at making something edgy. If I really had to guess then I would assume all these games were making some sort of comment about how society is being taken over by social media and technology but I only assumed that from the small amount that I understood. The weird text and the way some of the games are formatted really reminded me of those embarrassing middle school days where kids were really immature. It felt like one of those “look at me im so random xd” kind of games. I couldn’t really tell if I navigated through the games properly. It was all so confusing and eerie to me. The poem was rather odd to me as well. It seemed like random nonsense to me. Maybe I’m just not the intended audience? I’m also not really sure what this “twine” style would be appropriate for. It reminded me of those older text-based games where you would simply choose your character’s actions via text and the game would just read back what happens afterwards.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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