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    Anastasia Khaye

    Anastasia Khaye

    Log#11 the week ending November, 11

    • <i>Reading, Listening, and Viewing</i>

    For this week we should

    1. Make a non-traditional resume.
    2. Read about non-traditional resume


    • <i>Writing</i>


    During this week we didn’t had a traditional writing assignment.

    <i>Providing & Responding to Feedback</i>

    I look forward for our class session to connect with Instructor about the job was done for the past weeks.


    • <i>Reflecting</i>


    In the beginning of the week I was collecting the Information and comparison different styles of Resume. It took me about three hours all together. I stopped on Video-Resume for myself. First of all, I experienced the Video Interview before and I found another types of non-traditional resume not effective for myself. I recorded a video, edited and processed it. I believe it came out more like a non-traditional cover-letter – the main purpose of it, to catch attention of employer to take a look on the traditional Resume. It took me a little more than two hours.


    • <i>Collaborating</i>


    In our group chat we were comparing our thoughts about the next project, and I think it was helpful for generating ideas.


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