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    Anastasia Khaye

    The visuals, that surround us from the very birth-always creating a need for something-can shape the wants and needs of the individual. It tries to tell us where to shop, what to buy, where to visit, etc.  We are constantly surrounded by visuals, even on subconscious levels, we fall prey into their gimmicks. There is a perfect example regarding “<i>Black Mirror Season 1 Episode 2: Fifteen Million Merits</i>”. When Bing gives his presentation on the stage, the crowd is not sure on how to react, until the “judge” tells them how to react to “performance”. This I feel, is how advertising works, you don’t know what you need, until a well performed commercial or geniously created billboard tell you that you need a new “XYZ”. The same idea was mentioned by Contrapoints in “What’s Wrong with Capitalism”. The blogger tries to explain problems and negative sides of Capitalism to the Millennials generation, using their language and style they will understand. She argues that we settle for something that we don’t really love as our job, but yet again we go and perform a certain task, because it is told that it is needed to be completed. On the other hand, it seems like as a resident of a capitalism nation, you would think there is “freedom” of being employed, and getting paid for your work is a norm. However, if look into any deeper, you get to realize that you only get choose your own “slave-owners” and then, pretend to be happily employed. That exactly we can see in the “Black Mirror” episode. But then again, throughout history, Capitalism is the one of the only “…ism” that actually worked. Either because it is always been sponsored by the rich, or because only the rich is getting richer, and would not allow any other take structure to take over. Capitalism-unlimited exploitation of human labor, and natural resources, for individual monetary gains.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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