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    Karina Lopez


    For the third project of the class, we were asked to remediate a previous project. At first, I was a little confused by what that exactly meant but after Professor Jesse broke it down, I understood that it meant to remake one of our written projects into a different type of medium, for example, a video, commercial, info graphic, podcast or movie. I decided to use my second project as the artifact that I’d be remediating, since it was the one that was freshest in my mind. My second project was a research based argumentative essay that argued the lack of federal level cyber bully laws in the U.S and how it affects the way schools and courts handle cyber bullying at a state level. For my remediation I decided to make a podcast, being that the subject is very serious and informative. I felt that a podcast could embrace the tone and nature of the subject.

    Creating a podcast has been both educational and challenging. I’d never done a podcast before so figuring out the steps and process of making one has taken much research, I downloaded a software that is suppose to be easy to use for first time users. One of the ways I’ve kept this project organized has been to write a transcript before actually doing any of the recording. It serves as a guide of what I will be talking about and how to organize ideas during the podcast. It keeps the podcast on track and avoids me deviating into other topics. I’ve also found that recording small pieces at a time and editing them together has been easier to manage than to try to record the whole thing all at once and in one sitting.

    I think the podcast has been a good way to transform my research based argumentative paper into a different type of medium. It is informative and provides evidence to support my argument using facts and real emotional stories about cyberbullying. Overall, I think I feel confident about my podcast.

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