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    Karina Lopez

    This week we were supposed to play the Porpentine games assigned. I played each game one by one and with every game, I got more and more confused. Each one seem to have a subliminal meaning and everything including the colors, fonts, symbols are seem to mean something specific that I just could not figure out. The first one was Neon Haze which made the most sense to me. It had a storyline that was easier to follow. The other games did not make sense to me. I tried playing each one twice to make sure I followed hem the way I was supposed to but it still did not make sense. Neon Haze was the only one that made me feel a little unsettled about the direction of the story. As section of the game progressed, I was intrigued by where the end of the story was going. The intended audience seems to be aimed for people that like mind games that really keep you guessing. Deciding in what situation this twine style would be appropriate is a little tricky but maybe in the world of gamers and programmers. It doesn’t seem like games that could be played in school or at the park. Although I am interested to know what the games and the poems mean and how to play them, they seem a bit outside my comfort zone. And it doesn’t seem like they’re the type of games that I’d actually play.

    Timestamp: Sunday Oct 28th @9:27pm

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