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    Anastasia Khaye

    Anastasia Khaye

    Log#9 the week ending October, 28

    • <i>Reading, Listening, and Viewing</i>

    For this week we should

    1. Play assigned Porpentine games: Neon Haze, Frolic RPG, One-Move Boss, All Your Time-Tossed Selves, and Sim Crystal Mud City! and Tyler Vile’s Hasidic Witch Murderer;
    2. Read Stephon Lawrence’s poems in glittermob


    • <i>Writing</i>


    During this week I was continue work on writing Project#2. After I changed the Topic, and find it on my interest, the work went smoothly. I was working approximately one hour five days in the roll to finish and polish the paper. I used some researches and cite it at the end of the paper. Overall, I think the paper was well-prepared. In the final version, Annotated Bibliography was little different from Argumentative Essay because I used different sources, but I think bouth assignments complement each other.


    • <i>Providing & Responding to Feedback</i>


    I look forward for our class session to connect with Instructor about the job was done for the past weeks and discuss the final project.

    • <i>Reflecting</i>

    For the games that was assigned for this week, I didn’t really understood the main purpose and idea of it. However, I finished playing and even asked my niece (she is seventeen) for support and her opinion. I found out that for her it wasn’t unappropriate, and she found it normal. May be my generation just doesn’t understand this new waves of playing activities.


    • <i>Collaborating</i>


    In our group chat we were comparing our thoughts about the next project, and I think it was helpful for generating ideas.


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