Project #3 Assignment

For Project #3, I am asking you to *re-mediate* your Project #2. This means that you will take the research and argumentation that you did for Project #2 and choose a different medium to discuss your topic, e.g. a podcast, fake commercial, infomercial, music video, infographic, etc.

Your Project #3 does not have to make the same argument that you made in Project #2, although it certainly may. Project #3 may embrace humor, #FakeNews, or absurdist strategies; it does not have to.

There are no requirements for the re-mediated piece, but you will compose a ~500-word reflection to accompany the artifact. This reflection should consider the following:

  • why did you make the choice you made w/r/t medium?
  • why [medium you chose] and not [medium you did not choose]?
  • in what contexts have you seen media that resemble your product?
  • how did cultural/social/political contexts affect your rhetorical process?
  • what organizational strategies did you use to develop your artifact?
  • which rhetorical strategies did you pay close attention to (e.g. kairos, logos, etc.)?



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